Hot Pepper

Book-Lovers-dorm-roomAfter being derived from “white book”, the white paper refers to the official publication by a national government. Of Course you are right, I said white paper, not yellow paper, nor red pepper, as one might think. The special white paper we are talking about requires strong writing skills and practice. To deal with this crucial paper, there are nine famous steps that need consideration.

Accesing the needs is required not only in other social networking platforms, but also in the white paper. Accessing need comes first because this step propels the goals, the content or the main focus of the paper. Secondly, someone once said that “failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, while on the other hand, I would add that “failing to plan, is planning to fail”. Well, these two proverbs remind us why planning comes second, because it is in following the plans that we are assured of reaching our goals.

Acquiring information should as well not be neglected. This involves talking to experts and conducting extensive researches in the field one intends to write about. After having all the information needed, the marketers have to organise the content properly and Design how both the look and feel of the literature will look like. Then, the step of writing comes in easily after the writer has done the first five steps successfully. At this point, we are simply left with the illustration to make our work appealing and the “review” of the material as a whole. After that, the author sees the publication of his or her work while enjoying pepper and puffing at a coffee table.

For marketing sake, the white papers are primarily mostly used by business-to-business marketers because the tone and content is designed for business executives. In addition to that,  white papers have high-perceived value to the recipients because the platforms enable the audience to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. The white papers also are good for marketing as they require the reader to provide an email address, which may serve as a source of connection among the parties involved.

Please note that, we can not remove writing from stack_of_books.jpgthe major parts of learning, which is why readers have to increase as well, as the basic tools needed to be able to handle such long articles for information sharing.

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Webs and Threads all-over

No doubt, we are in the days of webs for connections, and threads for interactions, while LinkedIn is tying us together. Whether we want it or not, Reid-Hoffmanwe have to be LinkedIn to secure that professional job, we have been dreaming about. Nowadays, most of those big office jobs are acquired through connections.
No wonder we are living in the world of threads. LinkedIn is our best friend especially when it comes to marketing in terms of both Business-to-Business and Business-to Customer. To begin with, we need to remember that LinkedIn refers to a social networking site designed specifically for business and
professional community’s connections. One of the main goals of LinkedIn is to connect registered members of similar interests, for those participants to interact and network in different ways. LinkedIn came into existence on the 14th of December 2002. It was created by Reed Hoffman as the Chairman with Jeff Weiner as the CEO. With its headquarters based in California, Mountain View (USA), LinkedIn has experienced a remarkable development in as far as marketing is concerned.

LinkedIn helps to establish connections as one of its successful goal of social media marketing. By connections, LinkedIn site creates a forum where professionals of related field interact to boost their insights extend their expertise. LinkedIn as well promotes self-professionalism to others, especially when someone is looking for jobs or want to raise awareness of products and services. This site provides job alerts whenever there is new openings in the field on someone’s relevant business. LinkedIn has a strong connection with Google and that gives the site more favour, by making it known to the professionals. In addition to that, LinkedIn gives an option for slide sharing in forms of presentations or short videos of self-description, when a marketer signs up on this website.

The site of LinkedIn continue to grow as it enjoys an autonomous participation in professional social networking. So far, it is the only site that deals with the interactions of businessmen or professionals, with personal information security guaranteed. However, when the marketers sign up for LinkedIn, they are required to provide as much information about themselves as possible. The more information available about someone, the more the colleagues will know about the marketer, and the more likely that particular marketer is likely to get connections. Yap. You are right! The more information one provides on LinkedIn, the more serious they get considered.

So, why don’t we stop here and go sign up quickly, for jobs sake!

Don’t say I never wrote about it

Remember, during some executive interviews, some interviewers will check first if you have LinkedIn account. If found without the account, sometimes they don’t even call you for interviews, let alone getting hired.

Please, go ahead and signup, then come and ask me about your job within few days.

…Hey, please go get your job!

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My sweet heart Ms #

Wait a minute, this rhymes like twizzles, ohh noo it’s Twitter!twizzler
Well, no one can know better these days, when we are surrounded with “Microbes of Blogs”. There we go again, actually Twitter is not a microbe of blogging, but a Microblogging site.

What? Oh yes I said microblogging, sounds like some language spoken on another planet may be Pluto, right? By definition, I think the tall people will not like it because Twitter works well with short people, since microblogging messages are supposed to be short. Historically, Twitter first existed in 2006, after being innovated82519_475 by Jack Dorsey in San Francisco California (USA). Before I forget, please make sure you check out the logo of Twitter. I assure you it looks like a bird flying.
By the way, some tweets are classic and they show what the marketers are doing at the time of tweeting. We also have opinion tweets that are about what someone in thinking, and the mission accomplished tweets to show what the write has just done. Apart from that we have entertainment tweets intended to make the audience lough, question tweets that ask for a help, and of course picture tweets to display what someone has been doing.

For marketing purposes, Twitter is your guy as it balances in almost all the platforms of social media marketing. Twitter spreads the news quickly ie: either the marketer wants to increasing brand awareness, connect with customers, provide support, or distribute information. This is where Ms Hashtag (#) comes in handy, to help the researches to specify the results of the information they are looking for. With this beautiful lady #, the audience is directed to most of the pages that have the information related to the key word that comes after the Hashtag.

Therefore, since the leading Microblogging site is Mr. Twizzles, then we need to familiarize ourselves with his lady Ms. #, if at all we are to succeed in this business world of microbes.

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….qandaCom,,,, that’s how much viral the word “.com” has gone. In other words, we can now add .com after anything such as “Ask” and “Answer”, and still have something meaningful. Ohh yes, we are talking about, as one of the Q &A sites. There we go again, Q & what? Yap, it’s not rocket science, Q & A simply stands for Questions and Answers. I know it might not sound funny, until you visit those websites such as,, and just to mention a few. Trust me, you will be amazed by the variety of questions that people throw in and get answered.

One of the first Q & A sites was Ask Jeeves and it was launched in April 1997, and later on to be renamed as We can clearly see why Q & A sites are great tools for marketing as people get answers to their requests easily. These sites help to boost trust and customer satisfaction for customers as some of the basic goals of marketing. However, it’s important to note that the Q & A sites are not primarily for marketing. Better still, the sites enable the marketers gain reputation while answering complicated questions, and this helps to build brand positively. After joining the Q & A sites such as Quora, the marketers may opt to choose their areas of interest. Therefore, this option enables the marketers to successfully meet the needs of their target audience. The needs are met because such marketers are able to demonstrate their expertise in a particular field.

You might feel like you want to join the team of the administrators, hahaa okay, and good luck! It’s really so much fun to see how different people behave differently in this world of

I would agree with some authors that the future of the sites such as Q & A is not known. However, with the previous developments in those sites, we are meant to hope that our friends and will keep on thriving.

Yours forever



Barker, Melissa. (2013). Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach, 1st Edition. [VitalSource Bookshelf Online]. Retrieved from


Photos forever,


Being something that deals with the spreading of pictures, one would gavelwonder why the name Flickr doesn’t sound like a photo, or even reveal some relevance to the names of the founders. Founded in 2004 by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake in Vancouver, Flickr has topped the ladder of the photo sharing sites, beating ancient competitors such as Photobucket and Webshots. Are you looking into sharing amazing pictures for business’s sake, or you are just passionate about taking pictures while surfing on waves in Fiji, then Flickr is your guy!

Most of the marketing activities involve pictures to showcase how some tasks are performed. Photo sharing comes in handy because it is easy to use. Usually, most photo marketers meet face-to-face with the buyers which strengthens the connection between the business and the audience. These sites are cheaper which serves to the betterment of the marketers since the more the accessibility, the more likely the photos reach the audience. Pictures can convey a message about a company quickly and that is a special element that the businesses require to enhance proficiency. Did you know that more visual aids help to retain information since the majority of humanusedcontent-socialmediaexaminer-010616
race are visual learners.  That tells us why Flickr is a friend to every professional photographer. As a marketer, one needs their photos to look attractive to the targeted audience. Photo sharing plays a great part in marketing as it increases the viewers. Nowadays, writing or communicating without any visual aids looks like you are just hammering the news on people’s heads. But a bit more of some pictures, not only relieves the audience, but also brings humour to the followers.




No Tube No Video,

Whether it is your tube or my tube, all you need to know is that, this particular tube is known as “YouTube”. As you might have heard before, YtubeouTube is the leading video sharing site, that enables users to upload video clips to a website that can be viewed later either publicly or privately. Still doesn’t make sense, does it? Please, think of YouTube as a funnel or pipeline that video makers use to send their videos to the public. Beginning to visualize YouTube now, right? Nowadays, we cannot mention the term Video Sharing and forget to think about YouTube right away. Since the first upload of a video in 2005, this tube has experienced success when it comes to engaging viewers and reaching large audience. In addition to that, YouTube provides a favorable way to showcase products.

It is with such an ability for YouTube to encourage user generated content, that this tube becomes well known even better than Video Sharing. However, the video shooters have to keep their clips appealing by making sure that their work is authentic, entertaining, intimate and offbeat or unusual. When those contents are present in a particular video, then the marketers may go ahead and produce the clips on their own ( Primarily), the fans may promote them (Secondarily), or even those followers who don’t have close connections may as well get enticed into publicizing clips about the video maker (Tertiary).

For marketing purposes, YouTube videos ensure that the contents are solid and directly meet the target audience’s needs. At the same time, the marketers promote their channels by building awareness, while sharing the links on different social media networks. On top of that, the video makers need to update their videos frequently, by making more videos to keep in touch with their audience. One thing to keep in mind is that, high level of analysis has to be maintained at every step of the way, to avoid any mistakes that might arise due to poor listening skills.

Was about to begin getting bored, uh? Why don’t you relax and have fun by checking out this video YouTube Link





Mrs Webinar :)


My name is Mrs Webinar, and I was born from Sean PictureMalarkey and Lewis Howes in 2009. I enjoy reaching many people in different geographies, without high travel costs. You can usually find me in seminars conducted live over the web, but most importantly, I hung out with friends who are super interactive.

Whether you like it or not, the World is becoming a single entity, instead of separate species represented by states. Therefore, Webinar facilitates not only in the connection of people around the globe but also in the advancement of marketing. Webinars promote “Permission marketing”, when people sign up for video conferencing in the hope that they will get crucial information to boost their businesses.

In such a quest, we tend to agree with Albert Einstein when he stated that “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” because, such sayings match with the fact that to those people who know how to best use Webinars, tend to benefit a lot. Did you know that Webinars help to pick a focused topic to engage the targeted audience? Wait a minute, did you also know that the Webinars’ expertise help to develop a voluntary email audience by welcoming voluntary audience while minimizing spams as much as possible? Oh come on, you should by now know that using automatic reminders to optimize and personalize the content to the audience is one of the characters that the webinar wizards need.  Apart from that, using webinar questions and feedback for market research generates a lot of leads.

By the way, Mrs Webinar would like to recommend that if Picture 2you are a big organisation, it would be wise to use both her and her brother-in- law Mr Podcast. But before she forgets, please note that “while educating the minds of our youths, we must not forget to educate their hearts” Lama Dalai.


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