Photos forever,


Being something that deals with the spreading of pictures, one would gavelwonder why the name Flickr doesn’t sound like a photo, or even reveal some relevance to the names of the founders. Founded in 2004 by Stewart Butterfield and Caterina Fake in Vancouver, Flickr has topped the ladder of the photo sharing sites, beating ancient competitors such as Photobucket and Webshots. Are you looking into sharing amazing pictures for business’s sake, or you are just passionate about taking pictures while surfing on waves in Fiji, then Flickr is your guy!

Most of the marketing activities involve pictures to showcase how some tasks are performed. Photo sharing comes in handy because it is easy to use. Usually, most photo marketers meet face-to-face with the buyers which strengthens the connection between the business and the audience. These sites are cheaper which serves to the betterment of the marketers since the more the accessibility, the more likely the photos reach the audience. Pictures can convey a message about a company quickly and that is a special element that the businesses require to enhance proficiency. Did you know that more visual aids help to retain information since the majority of humanusedcontent-socialmediaexaminer-010616
race are visual learners.  That tells us why Flickr is a friend to every professional photographer. As a marketer, one needs their photos to look attractive to the targeted audience. Photo sharing plays a great part in marketing as it increases the viewers. Nowadays, writing or communicating without any visual aids looks like you are just hammering the news on people’s heads. But a bit more of some pictures, not only relieves the audience, but also brings humour to the followers.





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