Hot Pepper

Book-Lovers-dorm-roomAfter being derived from “white book”, the white paper refers to the official publication by a national government. Of Course you are right, I said white paper, not yellow paper, nor red pepper, as one might think. The special white paper we are talking about requires strong writing skills and practice. To deal with this crucial paper, there are nine famous steps that need consideration.

Accesing the needs is required not only in other social networking platforms, but also in the white paper. Accessing need comes first because this step propels the goals, the content or the main focus of the paper. Secondly, someone once said that “failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, while on the other hand, I would add that “failing to plan, is planning to fail”. Well, these two proverbs remind us why planning comes second, because it is in following the plans that we are assured of reaching our goals.

Acquiring information should as well not be neglected. This involves talking to experts and conducting extensive researches in the field one intends to write about. After having all the information needed, the marketers have to organise the content properly and Design how both the look and feel of the literature will look like. Then, the step of writing comes in easily after the writer has done the first five steps successfully. At this point, we are simply left with the illustration to make our work appealing and the “review” of the material as a whole. After that, the author sees the publication of his or her work while enjoying pepper and puffing at a coffee table.

For marketing sake, the white papers are primarily mostly used by business-to-business marketers because the tone and content is designed for business executives. In addition to that,  white papers have high-perceived value to the recipients because the platforms enable the audience to understand an issue, solve a problem, or make a decision. The white papers also are good for marketing as they require the reader to provide an email address, which may serve as a source of connection among the parties involved.

Please note that, we can not remove writing from stack_of_books.jpgthe major parts of learning, which is why readers have to increase as well, as the basic tools needed to be able to handle such long articles for information sharing.

…No readers, No leaders









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