My sweet heart Ms #

Wait a minute, this rhymes like twizzles, ohh noo it’s Twitter!twizzler
Well, no one can know better these days, when we are surrounded with “Microbes of Blogs”. There we go again, actually Twitter is not a microbe of blogging, but a Microblogging site.

What? Oh yes I said microblogging, sounds like some language spoken on another planet may be Pluto, right? By definition, I think the tall people will not like it because Twitter works well with short people, since microblogging messages are supposed to be short. Historically, Twitter first existed in 2006, after being innovated82519_475 by Jack Dorsey in San Francisco California (USA). Before I forget, please make sure you check out the logo of Twitter. I assure you it looks like a bird flying.
By the way, some tweets are classic and they show what the marketers are doing at the time of tweeting. We also have opinion tweets that are about what someone in thinking, and the mission accomplished tweets to show what the write has just done. Apart from that we have entertainment tweets intended to make the audience lough, question tweets that ask for a help, and of course picture tweets to display what someone has been doing.

For marketing purposes, Twitter is your guy as it balances in almost all the platforms of social media marketing. Twitter spreads the news quickly ie: either the marketer wants to increasing brand awareness, connect with customers, provide support, or distribute information. This is where Ms Hashtag (#) comes in handy, to help the researches to specify the results of the information they are looking for. With this beautiful lady #, the audience is directed to most of the pages that have the information related to the key word that comes after the Hashtag.

Therefore, since the leading Microblogging site is Mr. Twizzles, then we need to familiarize ourselves with his lady Ms. #, if at all we are to succeed in this business world of microbes.

…No readers, No leaders!twizzles_strawberry




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