Webs and Threads all-over

No doubt, we are in the days of webs for connections, and threads for interactions, while LinkedIn is tying us together. Whether we want it or not, Reid-Hoffmanwe have to be LinkedIn to secure that professional job, we have been dreaming about. Nowadays, most of those big office jobs are acquired through connections.
No wonder we are living in the world of threads. LinkedIn is our best friend especially when it comes to marketing in terms of both Business-to-Business and Business-to Customer. To begin with, we need to remember that LinkedIn refers to a social networking site designed specifically for business and
professional community’s connections. One of the main goals of LinkedIn is to connect registered members of similar interests, for those participants to interact and network in different ways. LinkedIn came into existence on the 14th of December 2002. It was created by Reed Hoffman as the Chairman with Jeff Weiner as the CEO. With its headquarters based in California, Mountain View (USA), LinkedIn has experienced a remarkable development in as far as marketing is concerned.

LinkedIn helps to establish connections as one of its successful goal of social media marketing. By connections, LinkedIn site creates a forum where professionals of related field interact to boost their insights extend their expertise. LinkedIn as well promotes self-professionalism to others, especially when someone is looking for jobs or want to raise awareness of products and services. This site provides job alerts whenever there is new openings in the field on someone’s relevant business. LinkedIn has a strong connection with Google and that gives the site more favour, by making it known to the professionals. In addition to that, LinkedIn gives an option for slide sharing in forms of presentations or short videos of self-description, when a marketer signs up on this website.

The site of LinkedIn continue to grow as it enjoys an autonomous participation in professional social networking. So far, it is the only site that deals with the interactions of businessmen or professionals, with personal information security guaranteed. However, when the marketers sign up for LinkedIn, they are required to provide as much information about themselves as possible. The more information available about someone, the more the colleagues will know about the marketer, and the more likely that particular marketer is likely to get connections. Yap. You are right! The more information one provides on LinkedIn, the more serious they get considered.

So, why don’t we stop here and go sign up quickly, for jobs sake!

Don’t say I never wrote about it

Remember, during some executive interviews, some interviewers will check first if you have LinkedIn account. If found without the account, sometimes they don’t even call you for interviews, let alone getting hired.

Please, go ahead and signup, then come and ask me about your job within few days.

…Hey, please go get your job!

…No readers, No leaders!





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