Born and raised from a refugee camp with a minimum knowledge of what a good life is, my friends call me Jean-Claude Bigirimana. On the Third of March 1992, I joined the planet earth from my mother’s womb with such a great determination of becoming a judge someday. Having travelled widely around Africa from my native home Dar-Es-Salaam Tanzania, I have learnt a lot from different people of different backgrounds. All the years I have spent away from my parents and my origin country Burundi have introduced to “Silence” as one of my characters. From the family of five, I am the only one who has made it to Canada, an opportunity I cherish with a lot of responsibility. Originating from a politically sensitive family taught me a lot that sometimes, I find myself carrying other people’s mistakes as mine. Most of the comments I receive from my colleagues include, but not limited to “Saying Sorry” a lot, which I think is usually influenced by my faith that “No one is right”.

I am currently training as an Executive Legal Administrator, with my second year standing at the University of Victoria with a double major in Political Science and Philosophy.  I enjoy delivering speeches to large groups of people, and dressing in suits is one of my life styles. In as much as I adore the moments when my fellow choose me as their representative, I always give full credit to my mentors especially my teachers and well-wishers for their maximum support. I take so much pleasure in watching football/soccer and engaging in constructive debates. Above all, the proverb from my dad that “One is born here, but finds parents wherever they go” has always been true to me.

Why don’t I stop here for now…

Coz there is a lot!